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Summer Holiday Mania!

The traditional summer holidays begin at the end of the school term. This brings new challenges to the traffic management sector.

Increased traffic on UK roads, particularly to the South-West, is one of the most popular holiday destinations. COVID-19 Means that many families have decided on a “staycation” In preference to flying abroad, resulting in a greater volume of traffic on UK roads.

Motorists are being urged to check their vehicles before starting their journey.

There is normally a higher incidence of breakdowns in July and August. These problems are certain to be exacerbated due to COVID-19, with many vehicles having been parked up for three months in lockdown.

“Advice to motorists is to check your vehicle tyres, oil and fuel before you start your journey. Check road conditions, Highways England provides Real Time traffic information."

Staycation Inspiration

Don’t look on it as a ‘second best’ holiday. Be inspired to try something new. Choose quieter resorts rather than the obvious popular ones. Maybe look for somewhere more off the beaten track which will motivate you to try new things.

"Visit different places, see more of the countryside. This might inspire you to walk, cycle or go horse riding!"

Take a camera, as well as your phone. Beautiful scenery may lead you to enjoy photography.

All these pursuits may motivate you to continue with one or more of these hobbies when you return!

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