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The link between Happiness & Productivity at Work

Business owners, directors and managers are, quite rightly, focused on sales targets and achievements. However research by Oxford University in collaboration with BT has found a conclusive link between happiness and productivity.


The big question is what can be done to increase employee happiness?

According to Benenden health it can be done following six proven steps.

  1. Harmony - On winning teams, each player has a distinct role in achieving the goal.

  2. Impact - Team harmony leads to impact, which further fuels joy.

  3. Acknowledgment - Great coaches instruct their players to, when they score, immediately point to the teammates who created the scoring opportunity.

  4. Set the agenda - Make the experience of joy an explicit corporate purpose.

  5. Set the stage - Staff your new digital/culture programs with true cross-unit, cross-silo teams

  6. Set the tone - Encourage and celebrate individual and corporate social impact efforts.

Being happy in your work creates an atmosphere where staff want to achieve goals and reach targets. Doing so becomes exciting and leads to joy and celebration of achievements.

When work is pleasure life is joy” - Maxim Gorky

So try to make happiness and joy a priority at your work.


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