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Self-Help through COVID-19

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

All emphasis, quite rightly, is on the healthcare services and the impact of the pandemic. However COVID-19 is having a major impact on other businesses and their employees.

Worries & concerns

The challenge of supporting clients, colleagues, friends and family in the face of mounting financial and economic uncertainty is affecting the mental wellbeing of the nation.

“Key workers across all industries are under pressure, experiencing heightened levels of stress and anxiety.”

Coping with the ‘new normal’

Adapting to these challenges and finding your ’new normal’ can also brings on anxiety, but there are strategies that will help!

“Above all reach out to partners family and friends.”

How to help yourself!

Write your worries down and grade them in order of concern from 1-10.

Speak out to friends, colleagues, managers, you will find they feel the same apprehension as you, which will help you feel less isolated.

Make your home and work environments as relaxing as possible. having plants and flowers, your favourite coffee or tea will be comforting.

Above all communicate and remember you are not alone!

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