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Sustainable Plastic & the Road Ahead

Signal Traffic Management are leading the way by investing in the 100% Recyclable, all plastic Q-Frame.

The Q Frame conforms to safety standards BS8442:2015 and is:

  • 100% recyclable.

  • Non-Conductive.

  • Lighter than steel

  • Reduces manual handling

  • Reduces weight in vehicles - contributing to improved vehicle efficiency

  • Safer for pedestrians and road users in high winds

"Plastic recycling is the way ahead and plays an important role in reducing overall solid-waste levels. Businesses and Brands can help make a difference by setting an example."- Matthew Eaton - Managing Director

Tested in the Full Scale Wind Tunnel at Mira the sustainable Q-frame has undergone rigorous testing to ensure compliance

Making products from plastic drastically reduces demand for raw materials. Making products from recycled materials uses far less energy (Friends of the Earth) and contributes to a more sustainable world.

"This is an exciting product for the industry. Our decision to support the Q-Frame is heavily influenced by its sustainability and our commitment to ISO14001.
Recycling Plastic means creating less new plastic which is definitely a good thing." - Matthew Daglish - Health & Safety Manager

From a safety perspective, the robust lightweight plastics used in the manufacturing of the Q-frame reduces manual handling and further safeguards pedestrians and road users.

"Over a third of all workplace injuries relate to manual handling. Whilst good technique when lifting is essential, any steps we can take to reduce the risk is a major step forward" - Steven Player - Senior Operations Manager

Sustainable Supply Chains

Signal believe strongly in responsible sourcing, and in supporting companies that share similar values and ethics to our own, this ensures that we are all working to the same goal.

The values behind the company responsible for the development of the Q-frame Melba Swintex, fit well with Signal's own, committed to quality and continuous improvement:

The companies sustainable approach to innovation is evident in their statistics:

"The Q-Frame is in production this month, so keep your eyes peeled for a first glimpse of the new pink standard"

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